Welcome to the World

Momma finch's fledglings hatched! They look like little disgruntled fuzzballs. Watering the fern is definitely a challenge these days. Hopefully, I'm not giving them an unwanted shower each time. 😨
Baby birds
Baby finches

Out to Sea

Below is my first attempt at using pastels. Hopefully, you can tell it's a seascape. 😉 Pastels are difficult for me because I can't quite get the detail I like, and everything looks soft and unfocused. I'm going to need lots of practice.

Seascape in pastels

The Eyes Have It

I've been practicing different facial features, starting with the eyes. These sketches were done in colored pencils. I'm using Prismacolor and Derwent brand pencils. 

Derwent Colored Pencil
Colored Pencil Sketch - Eyes

Random Sketches

The following two sketches are pretty random. I was flipping through the book "Drawing Using the Right Side of Your Brain" and decided to try a couple of them. We had terrible weather yesterday, so it was nice to curl up in a comfortable spot and spend the afternoon drawing.

Sketch of Knight on Horse

Portrait sketch of random man