Speedball Elegant Writer Pen and Watercolor

This little elephant was my first time playing with a Speedball Elegant Writer Pen to do my line drawing for a watercolor painting. The pen bleeds and shifts colors nicely. It's so easy to use. I'll definitely get a lot of use out of it. 

Pen and Watercolor, Elephant
Watercolor with Elegant Writer pen

Welcome to the World

Momma finch's fledglings hatched! They look like little disgruntled fuzzballs. Watering the fern is definitely a challenge these days. Hopefully, I'm not giving them an unwanted shower each time. 😨
Baby birds
Baby finches

Out to Sea

Below is my first attempt at using pastels. Hopefully, you can tell it's a seascape. 😉 Pastels are difficult for me because I can't quite get the detail I like, and everything looks soft and unfocused. I'm going to need lots of practice.

Seascape in pastels